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Reviews from our customers

  • The Alaska tour was an unforgettable highlight in my life. Nature, icebergs, sea...Misha is a great tour guide who knows how to lead the tour in accordance with the abilities of the participants, so that everyone enjoys himself. I am looking forward to another tour with him somewhere in the wide world!
    Esther B.
  • In three months from my first time in a kayak to combat rolling in the warm waters in Israel. Thanks to Misha's profound knowledge and sensitive education, he enables you to progress fast and learn the essentials for future adventures. Great instructor & guide!
    Matthias W.
  • I learned sea-kayaking in Misha's courses in Tel Aviv. He is aone of those instructors that know how to challenge you, yet give you the full support and feeling of security at the same time. In a very short time I made great progress and pushed my limits much further.
    Nira K.
    Tel Aviv

Courses in Israel – the hidden gem

A fascinating country, full of history and a center of the main monotheistic cultures – not exactly something you’d associate with sea-kayaking. Maybe that’s one of the reasons, why it is still a hidden gem in the kayaking world. Year round perfect conditions with sea temperature way above 20 degrees and perfect swell and surf, Tel Aviv delivers on so many levels. Interesting tour destinations by kayak and on land, great waves to play in and a renown nightlife add the mix of this percect sea-kayaking spot.

“Due to the intensive training in the warm waters of the Mediterranean sea I progressed faster than months in cold water with the hesitation to roll and practice. Just in time for the start of the central European season I was ready to start over!”


Professional support

Decades of theoretical and practical knowledge as well as extensive expedition experience are ensuring a well-balanced education, as well as professional support at all levels.

Attractive destinations

Tours to fascinating landscapes around the globe. Experience breathtaking nature and cultural hotspots by sea kayak, enlarge your radius and partake in exciting expeditions.

Individual courses

Our courses are perfect for beginners as well as advanced paddlers. The small group size guarantees individual feedback and a steep learning curve for all levels in a short amount of time.